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  • 3DG-180
  • 3DG-180
  • 3DG-180
  • 3DG-180



Product features:-

  • Reliable
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance
  • Higher reserve capacity
  • Excellent cold cranking performance
  • Deep cycle
  • Tubular plate construction offering 1000 life cycles
  • 12 months warranty

Technical Features:-

- Thicker positive plates with a low antimony lead-acid for reduction in water loss and filling intervals.

-Negative plates are of high porosity paste on grid to complement with the positive plate providing a higher cranking current

- Separators are made of high quality enveloped microporous PE Design, lined with a glass mat to reduce active material shedding

- Containers are constructed with impact and acid resistant PP material and heat sealed with lid

-post: double threaded copper insert terminal M10 with low resistance and high power output to reduce the voltage drop during starting application

- Connector: bolt-on connector to improve safety and reduce maintenance


Fit for ( manufacturer of golf cart) :-

Club car

Easy go


Golf carts

Direct replacement item for any Original Manufacturers battery type.


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