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We offer a range of different batteries from wet lead acid, wet lead acid, gel & LI-ON battery types. 

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We also have a range specialist chargers for use on a variety of applications.

Our desulfation chargers go through a series of pulse algorithms designed to break down the crystals that may have formed on the battery plates and revert them back into their natural constituents. The process also inhibits the further formation of crystal growth.

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We are the only company in the UK who provide this specialist service. When you purchase batteries from us we recommend a midlife overhaul - this is normally 3 years from the date it enters service. This process prolongs the life of the battery by breaking down the built up crystals within the battery itself.

*Where applicable.

We offer a range of batteries for various parts of the aviaton industry from baggage trucks to floor cleaners.


Services We Provide 

Stock Holding

We currently hold stock for customer contracts to ensure availability and eliminate delays. 

Bespoke Design

Whatever the project we can create the battery that is right for you, whether you need an energy source for your dated model with a battery that has been discontinued. Or if you have a new product we can take your idea from design to production. 

Airside Charger Repair

A full inspection & maintenance repair service available. 

Why choose us?

Throughout our time in the aviation industry we have worked hard to build our reputation by working closely with operating companies, original equipment manufacturers, signalling operation companies, plane engineering and airport services companies across the UK. We have successfully established ourselves as a reliable and fast reacting, trusted partner capable of understanding and meeting operational needs and demands. ​Capitol can offer a complete product range with rental options available. 

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Capitol has been working alongside our customers and airport associations to provide products and services airside and within the terminal buildings for an array of aviation ground support contracts across the UK.  Accreditation and ability allow us to be on standby and enable same-day response for most of our locations and industries. Capitol can offer a complete product range with rental options available.

Capitol is also pleased to offer RCB rapid charging batteries for the above applications. Get in touch now to discuss this new RCB type - a lead acid alternative to lithium.

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