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We offer a range of different batteries from wet lead acid, gel & LI-ON battery types. 

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We also have a range specialist chargers for use on a variety of starting and auxiliary applications.

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Our full team of qualified field engineers can inspect and repair batteries and chargers on customer site or at Capitol depo. We can provide service, repair & maintenance contracts to assist with the maintenance, storage and preparation of batteries.

*Where applicable.

If you need a marine starter battery or if it's a leisure battery to power the on board electrical system. We offer an array of suitable options. 


Services We Provide 

Stock Holding

We stock a complete range of 2V/6V and 12V batteries for all marine starting, aux and telecom apps. 

Bespoke Design

Whatever the project we can create the battery that is right for you, whether you need an energy source for your dated model which has a battery that has been discontinued or if you have a new product we can take your idea from design to production. 

Site Survey & Inspection

Your battery and charger options will depend of the type of equipment you have or are about to purchase. Capitol offer a full site survey, inspection and report on the condition of your battery fleet along with recommendations for repair and replacement, which can be used for budgeting purposes ahead of purchasing.

Why choose us?

We have a commitment to developing reliable products for use in the renewable industry, this has enhanced out reputation and by working closely with companies and manufacturers across the UK, we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner capable of understanding and meeting operational needs and demands. ​

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A marine starter battery is used to start applications and also doubles for generators and other projects. Whether it's a common 12V or a battery type to suit a classic model. We stock a complete range starting from 2V 6V and 12V batteries for all marine starting auxiliary and telecommunications applications. Marine battery boats are powered depending on the onboard electrical system and conditions for use. Whether it's a deep cycle battery or a cyclic battery a range of technology exists to suit all models. 
Your choice of battery will depend on the engine type, stroke and power which you can determine from the (HP) on the battery. From these details, we can calculate the cold-cranking amps and recommend compatible batteries.  Then measure your battery dimension from the space available onboard. Finally, choose the capacity of the battery, this will be measured in AH. Depending on the battery life required: the higher the capacity, the longer the battery life.

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