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We offer a full range of 2V cells and 6V/12V wet lead acid, gel MF and Li-On batteries to suit all applications.

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Our charger options vary from 12V-96V single and 3-phase 50HZ module Hi-Frequency and constant current, branded, battery chargers from recognised industry leading manufacturers. 

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Our full team of qualified field engineers can inspect and repair batteries and chargers on the customer site or at the Capitol depot. We can provide service, repair & maintenance contracts to assist with the maintenance, storage and preparation of batteries.

We offer a range of batteries for all materials equipment access platforms & floor cleaners.


Services We Provide 

Stock Holding

We currently hold stock for customer contracts to ensure availability and eliminate delays. 

Bespoke Design

Whatever the project we can create the battery that is right for you, whether you need an energy source for your dated model with a battery that has been discontinued or if you have a new product. We can take your idea from design to production. 

Site Survey & Inspection

Whether it be outdated equipment or new to market model, Capitol offer a full site survey, inspection and report on the condition of your battery fleet. We also offer recommendations for repair and replacement, which can be used for budgeting purposes ahead of purchasing.

Why choose us?

Throughout our time in the materials handling industry, Capitol has worked closely with operating companies, original equipment manufacturers and engineering companies across the UK. We are recognised as a reliable and trusted partner capable of understanding and meeting the needs of our customers demands every time, on time. 

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Materials Handling

Capitol offers full maintenance contracts and topping up contracts which includes:

-  Rental chargers

- Desulphation recovery chargers (this specialised charger can be used to recover and return to serviceable condition any over-discharged batteries*).

- Rental battery contracts

- Full overhaul service on batteries that have been damaged, over-filled, or left redundant for a period of time.

Whether it's distribution and logistics, warehousing for moving goods or floor cleaning applications, our tubular plate batteries along with experience and industry knowledge. We can identify and implement a full solution for your application. Contact us today for more information at the bottom of this page.

 *subject to level of battery abuse suffered.

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