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We offer a full range of golf cart batteries to suit all models - 2V cells and 6V to 12V wet, acid, gel, MF and Li-on battery types. 

Capitol batteries offer long life, low maintenance, high reserve capacity & excellent cold cranking performance. Featuring tubular plated construction offering more life cycles. 

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We also have a range of specialist chargers for use on a variety of applications ranging from 12V to 96V chargers. 

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Our full team of qualified field engineers can inspect and repair batteries and chargers on the customer site or at the Capitol depot. We can provide annual service contracts to assist with the maintenance, storage and preparation of batteries ahead of or during golf seasons.

We offer a range of batteries for golf industry uses from golf carts to trolleys. 



Stock Holding

We currently hold stock for customer contracts to ensure availability and eliminate delays. 

Direct Replacement 

Direct replacement batteries available for any original manufacturers battery type.

Other Brands

We are stockists of other battery brands; Haze, Yuasa, Leoch, Pegasus, Sonnenschein and Enersys.


Models We Service

Our tubular plate batteries offer more life-cycles. They have thicker positive plates with a low antimony lead-acid for reduction in water loss and extended filling intervals. The negative plates are made of high quality enveloped microporous PE design, lined with a glass mat to reduce active material shedding. Containers are constructed with impact and acid resistant PP material and heat sealed with lid.


They also feature a double threaded copper insert, terminal with low resistance and high power output to reduce the voltage drop during starting application. Finally the battery connectors are designed to improve safety and reduce maintenance.

We offer other recognised battery brands to suit the opposite cart brands.

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