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Capitol offers a comprehensive range of batteries to suit all passenger, freight and light-rail vehicles. Capitol can provide a range of batteries such as traditional wet lead-acid, low maintenance cells, maintenance free gel monoblocs, NI-CAD cells and monoblocs. Plus our latest technology lithium modular options. 

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Capitol has a range of specialist chargers for use in railway applications.

Our desulphation chargers go through a series of pulse algorithms designed to break down crystals that may have formed on battery plates. Reverting them back to their natural constituents and inhibiting further formation of crystal growth.


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We are a leading provider in UK rail industry specialise services especially designed for commissioning and load testing of batteries is used to ensure high quality.

All test and overhaul programs, BR, WOSS 510/1 and WOSS 510/2 standards as a minimum.

We offer a range of batteries for rail

& light-rail vehicle classes.



Stock Holding

We hold stock to support customer contracts, eliminates supply interruption and reduce lead times.

Bespoke Design

We can manufacture any battery that is required. Whether an alternative power source is needed for preserved models or a new vehicle class. We can develop and support the project from design to delivery and operational field support.

Rolling Stock Charger Repairs

A full inspection & repair service for rolling stock chargers down to card repair level. This covers everything from diesel, DMU & EMU Stock.

This service is available throughout the UK.

Why choose us?

Throughout our experience in the rail industry, we have built our reputation by working closely with train operating companies, original equipment manufacturers, signalling operation companies, rail engineering and rail services companies across the UK. We have successfully established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner capable of understanding and meeting operational needs and demands. ​


Vehicle Projects

Capitol has been involved in working on a variety of vehicles and continually support all mainline and preservation vehicle classes in use across the UK.

About Us

Capitol is an independent manufacturer and supplier of industrial batteries and associated power products.

Capitol offers service provision across the UK rail industry market. Our experienced field service engineers have an array of knowledge and expertise of industry requirements, coupled with the recognised accreditation required.


Our operational depots, each with stock holding facilities, are strategically located throughout the UK to enable us to react quickly and reduce lead times. The manufacturing and design process for rail batteries is carried out to meet all recognised BS and EN standards. For over 20 years, Capitol has supplied and serviced this industry with products, continuing to develop and improve on processes to meet the ever-changing demands and requirements for electrification and decarbonisation across the industry.

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